Women's Rugby: Coaching And Playing the Collegiate Game

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Denison University presents Women's Rugby: Coaching And Playing the Collegiate Game by N. Stanley and Jr. Nahman:

Every collegiate female rugger should read this book - it will provide a blueprint for: learning the game, fitting rugby into busy schedules, club organization, avoiding injury, and developing a clear sense of personal benchmarks in each players' game.

Readers naïve to women’s rugby will discover the essence of the college game, new players (especially nervous rookies) may discover a blueprint for what to expect and how to succeed, experienced players may discover new clues to mastering this game, and older players who want to morph into coaching, may discover a manual for establishing a successful program. Finally, all readers will discover that in women’s collegiate rugby, teamwork matters more than size, mastering the fundamentals and executing simple, but flawless technique wins games, open communication between players and coaches breeds pride in a program, and attention to conditioning, flexibility, and the hazards of the game reduces the risk and occurrence of injury.