Dicotyledoneae of Ohio

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Denison presents "The Dicotyledoneae" of Ohio by Tom S. Cooperrider.

Providing a taxonomic treatment of some 700 species of the Ohio flora, this book presents descriptions of and commentary on the individual species and covers the families and genera to which they belong. For those families and genera represented by more than one species, Tom S. Cooperrider includes keys for identification by which the related species can be distinguished from one another. He also describes the species' important varieties, forms, and hybrids that occur in Ohio.Both thorough and accurate, this volume will serve as a valuable source of information about a particular group of Ohio plants and as an aid in identifying an unknown specimen. Original illustrations are provided for nearly all native and naturalized species, along with county dot-distribution maps, which Cooperrider constructed by using records from herbarium specimens (some 80,000 in number) that he examined.This book is one of three in the Vascular Flora of Ohio series covering the dicotyledons of Ohio. The series is part of the Ohio Flora Project, which began in 1950 under the leadership of the late E. Lucy Braun and the aegis of The Ohio State University Academy of Science. A detailed description of plant occurrence that makes Ohio's flora one of the best known of any of the fifty states is the result of this enterprise.

Tom S. Cooperrider is professor emeritus of biological sciences at Kent State University and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Explorers Club, and The Ohio Academy of Science. The 1994 recipient of the Ohio Biological Survey's Osborn Award, he is the author of Vascular Plants of Clinton, Jackson, and Jones Counties, Iowa and Ferns and Other Pteridophytes of Iowa and the editor of Endangered and Threatened Plants of Ohio.