Secrets are Anonymous

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Denison University presents "Secrets are Anonymous" by Frederick L. Cullen.

"Secrets Are Anonymous" is a comic mystery, featuring an ensemble cast of characters who weave their way through multiple plots, puzzles, twists and turns.

Secrets explores the remarkable series of events which unfold in the lives of a dozen celebrated residents of Bexley, Ohio. Many of the characters possess secrets and hidden ambitions, which, while kept to themselves, maintain Bexley’s seemingly sedate status. The situation becomes more complex though, as the secrets begin to be revealed, and complicated, through a variety of communication vehicles: Bexley High School and Bexley wives Internet chat rooms, Internet messaging and e-mail, vanity plates, newspaper articles and letters to the editor, answering machines, hypnosis, burglary, video tapes, eavesdropping, and cocktail napkins, to name but a few.

The identities, secrets, and motives are often confused, or misunderstood, as each character has at least one screen name in addition to their own name.

Typical suburban problems become more complex when the Cali drug cartel, committed to instituting more entrepreneurial and decentralized management practices, selects Bexley as a test market for its new designer drug, burundanga. The clumsy struggles of the management team recruited for the test get them far more involved in the Bexley community than planned.

The chaos in Bexley is compounded when The National Security Agency, the FBI, and the Securities and Exchange Commission, weigh in.

The principal character, Marty Shepherd, is a Bexley High School graduate, whose promising New York journalism career is derailed when her father shows up for her college graduation with his boyfriend on his way to a new life in California. Guilt ridden, she returns home to Bexley to care for her wheelchair bound mother, taking "temporary" employment at The Bexley Chronicle, circulation 7,000. Marty unwittingly becomes involved in the adventures of the other characters, moving in and out of their lives, ultimately exposing their secrets.