Returning a Borrowed Tongue: An Anthology of Filipino and Filipino American Poetry

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Denison University presents "Returning a Borrowed Tongue" by Nick Carbo.

A major collection of contemporary poetry, Returning a Borrowed Tongue brings Filipino/Filipino American poets from both sides of the Pacific Ocean together for the first time, in a single anthology of poetry. Ranging from celebrated poets such as Jessice Hagedorn and N.V.M. Gonzalez to writers whose work is not readily available elsewhere, this engaging collection represents a poetic tradition that is uniquely Filipino/Filipino American. Written in English, the poems of Returning a Borrowed Tongue reflect a relationship with the English language that spans almost a century. In the early years of U.S. colonization, Filipino poets were forced to "borrow" a foreign tongue; today, fifty years after independence, they return the borrowed tongue with lyrical poems about migration, immigration, exile, nostalgia, desire, poverty, exploitation, racism, American culture, love, and invisibility.