Multicultural America: A Resource Book for Teachers of Humanities and American Studies

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Denison University presents "Multicultural America: A Resource Book for Teachers of Humanities and American Studies" by Betty E.M. Ch'maj.

The first publication of its kind, "Multicultural America" is a resource book containing essays, syllabi, projects and bibliographies to assist university teachers in "multiculturalizing" courses in American Studies, including Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, History, Music, Art, Literature, and Education. Betty E.M. Ch'maj focuses on the arts-popular and fine, oral and written-to demonstrate how to "read" cultural and social meanings. The book is grounded in the conviction that artists do have a special capacity to illuminate differences when cultures clash. Part I, Syllabi, are designed to provide teachers with a wealth of ideas for creating and amending courses; Part II, Essays, is a collection based on personal experience or reported from an inside point of view; and Part III, Bibliography and Checklists, is a great resource for literary, musical and visual materials. Ch'maj makes strong the connection between art and society, aesthetic values and social urgency, the humanities and the social sciences, and culture and context.