Michigan Flora Part II: Dicots

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Denison University presents "Michigan Flora Part II: Dicots" by Edward G. Voss.

Lichens are used almost universally to explain mutualism to biology students, but few people would recognize them underfoot or adorning trees and rocks. This book aims to make it easier for the reader to become acquainted with a few of these beautiful and fascinating dual-organisms.The book is restricted to the more common species of the hundreds found in Michigan with some of the more unusual species added because of their exceptional color or interesting form. Most of the examples are also found well beyond Michigan's borders, however, and some are found worldwide.Many people have remarked that once a few lichens are brought to their attention, they see them everywhere. Indeed lichens are ubiquitous and not all that inconspicuous to the experienced eye. Since they are slow growing, have a long life-span, and change little through the seasons, they may be observed at any time of year, unlike most other wildlife.