Hitler's War Poets

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Denison University presents "Hitler's War Poets" by Jay W. Baird. 

Jay W. Baird comes to grips with a theme which has been generally avoided by over two generations of scholars and literary critics. He demonstrates how poets and writers responded enthusiastically to Hitler’s summons to artists to create a cultural revolution commensurate with the political radicalism of the new state, thereby affirming the centrality of renewed German culture. Hitler’s War Poets focuses on the lives and the works of six leading conservative, anti-communist yet revolutionary authors who articulated the dream of World War I veterans to form a socially just national community.

-The work fills a major gap in scholarship and will be necessary reading for anyone interested in memory, warfare, poetry, politics, and Himmler's SS

-Will appeal to those interested in Hitler and the Third Reich as an important addition to Holocaust scholarship

-Focuses on the interface of criminality and culture

-Colorful, scholarly, and elegantly written