Athenian Sun in an African Sky: Modern African Adaptations of Classical Greek Tragedy

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Denison University presents Athenian Sun in an "African Sky: Modern African Adaptations of Classical Greek Tragedy" by Jr. Kevin J. Wetmore

Western literature has become more influential in Africa since the independence of many of that continent’s countries in the early 1960s. In particular, Greek tragedy has grown as model and inspiration for African theatre artists. This work begins with a discussion of the affinity that modern-day African playwrights have for ancient Greek tragedy and the factors that determine their choice of classical texts and topics. The study concentrates on how African playwrights transplant the dramatic action and narrative of the Greek texts by rewriting both the performance codes and the cultural context. The methods by which African playwrights have adapted Greek tragedy and the ways in which the plays satisfy the prevailing principles of both cultures are examined.