Talking Feminist Politics: Conversations on Law, Science, and the Postmodern

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Denison University presents "Talking Feminist Politics: Conversations on Law, Science, and the Postmodern" by Eloise A. Buker.

Feminist political theory now flourishes in the discourses of the law, science, and postmodern philosophy. Analyzing these three feminist discourses, Eloise A. Buker uses feminist legal conversations to refine our understanding of justice, feminist science to examine the connections between truth and politics, and postmodern feminism to analyze habits, symbols, and speech that frame ethical codes which in turn shape political relationships. Centering her analysis on American feminist work since 1980, Buker demonstrates how feminist theories offer strategies for social change that can energize U.S. citizens today. She draws these three conversations together by showing that storytelling serves as a metaphor for understanding feminist thought and as a political practice that can energize all citizens in talking about justice, truth, and ethics. Finally, Buker argues that such conversations can serve as a basis for building a better policy for the next century for both women and men.