Deniszens by Katherine Dimancescu

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Meet Pilgrims, Puritans, and Patriots in time for the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's arrival & the 400th anniversary of the Winthrop Fleet's arrival in New England. Denizens makes history accessible. The narrative can be read chapter by chapter or cover to cover. Each chapter is a story which can be enjoyed on its own. This makes history accessible for readers who enjoy reading a longer narrative or those who simply wish to select chapters of interest to read first when pressed for time. Denizens recounts true stories, family traditions, and events deeply rooted in the past. The seeds of this compelling narrative were sown on battlefields during the English Civil War, the Pequot War, and King Philip’s War as well on some of the earliest colonial farms in southern New England which are still in operation today. Sail with Pilgrims & Puritans to New England onboard the Mayflower & Winthrop Fleet ships. Among the narrative's intriguing true stories are some focused on leading early colonial ministers in southern New England such as Reverend John Eliot who established Praying Indian villages and Reverend Thomas Shepard who found ways to ensure Harvard College’s financial survival. This narrative transports readers back to a time centuries before the popular farm to table movement when the author’s ancestors established farms in southern New England and created orchards in which they cultivated what have become heirloom apples. This is simultaneously a chronicle of the daily lives of individuals in southern New England in times of peace and war as well as an exploration of what family traditions later recounted about their legacies. Denizens fosters an appreciation in the present of the courage, fortitude, and indomitable resolve of New England’s early colonial inhabitants.